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$14.95 per copy plus $4.00 shipping

“Auntie, How Do You Talk to God?” was inspired by a question my youngest nephew asked.
I wasn't able to get his question out of my head—along with the message that followed: to write as complete an answer as possible in a children’s book for parents and other caregivers to share with their little ones. This little book delivers a message about the oneness of life, nature, animals, humans, God and the Angels. A message that love is in all of life. A message of affirmation that God and the Angels hear our requests and answer them. This book was created for children in grades one and two to read and understand but the more I thought about it I realized the message was for adults as well.

I would like to express my thanks and gratitude to the wonderful person who helped me paint a picture of spirit. The beautiful illustrations within the book were created by Susana McGuire - please visit her website www.angel-art.com.

If you choose to purchase my book please indicate on the invoice how you found me.

$14.95 per copy plus $4.00 shipping

Using her enchanting speaking voice, accompanied by angelic instrumentals, Debbie Kosabek, Angel Therapy Practitioner® & Spiritual Teacher, takes you on meditative journeys to connect with your angels and experience the magick of the fairy realms. These guided meditations are intended for spiritual students of all levels to assist in enhancing angel experiences and developing intuitions.

October 24, 2009

In case no one has reminded you today, YOU ROCK. This meditation cd is so powerful. I'm addicted to AA Michael, it is deep in breadth and depth of healing, Debbie. It brings me to tears EVERY time. The hummmming and the visual imagery, the clairaudient angels cleaning my ears of hurtful words. Debbie, it's just one of the most powerful meditations I've done.

And, thank you for that.